Vapor detectors in NY schools

Vapor detectors in NY schools

Last month, New York City Mayor Andrew Cuomo banned the use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) in both public and private High Schools with the hopes of closing what the Mayor called a “dangerous loophole.” Cuomo stated that the new law will make e-cigarettes less accessible to kids.

To further combat and totally curb smoking in teens, a new technology has been launched to detect vapor.

Since vapes are banned in all school property which include any building, structure and surrounding outdoor grounds contained within a public or private pre-school, nursery school, elementary, or secondary school’s property, and any vehicles used to transport children or school personnel, detecting vapor with the device will be easy.

The device is called, Fly Sense. A device created by Digital Fly. With this vape detector, any signs of vaping will be immediately confirmed and put the the hands of the school officials.

In an interview with Fox News, Digital Fly’s software developer Billy Schweigert said, “If someone is inside the bathroom and they vape, it will contaminate the air, our sensor will pick it up and it will alert somebody in real time, ‘Hey, there’s a problem here, your air is contaminated, somebody could be vaping, somebody could be smoking, send somebody to check it out.”

In the same interview, Digital Fly’s CEO Derek Peterson stated that the device can detect gas and moisture in the air indicating vaping is taking place. A spike in the data means something is suspicious. He added that the device then sends an alert to a cellphone.

Aside from it’s ability to detect gas, the device also has a sensor to detect bullying or fighting as it happens.

The device measures only the change in sound, where no microphones are added to record conversations, that’s why the children’s  privacy will also not be compromised.

A number of schools will be putting this into practice in the next weeks.

On the other hand, NY educators also hope to that through this device, bad behavior in the schools will be curbed. Bad behavior is caused mostly by disobedience of the law, one law which is banning e-cigs in all high schools.

Watch the full interview below:

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